Welcome to My Super Bowl Diary

Welcome to My Super Bowl Diary

We’re back! What an incredible feeling to be playing in my second consecutive Super Bowl. I feel truly blessed. We’ve been putting in work all year to get back to the Super Bowl so it’s incredibly rewarding to see all the hard work pay off. That said, we still have one more game to go…

As you can imagine, playing in the Super Bowl is an unforgettable experience. Just being here with all the sights and sound is pretty incredible. While we are 100% focused on the game, there is so much going on that only happens during the Super Bowl. From the travel to the team hotel to practice and media day, it’s a whirlwind. This year I wanted to document the experience and share what it’s like to be in my shoes during the Super Bowl. It’s a long way from Seattle to Glendale, so I want to give all the 12’s who can’t be here an inside look at what the Seahawks and Legion of Boom will be up to this week as we get ready for the big game.

My digital team and I will be posting updates from Glendale and Phoenix on my website at http://deshawnshead.com/superbowl. Check back every day at 9am PST for an inside look at the Seahawks Super Bowl experience. I will be featuring my favorite Tweets and Instagram photos leading up to the game. Tag me if you want to be featured!