LOB – Love Our Brothers

LOB – Love Our Brothers

Most fans know the “LOB” stands for Legion of Boom. But, we as a team have another meaning for LOB… Love Our Brothers.

The chemistry that we have as a team I feel is something that sets us apart from everyone else. I mean Richard Sherman turned down the opportunity to be on the Sports Illustrated cover by himself so other guys from our secondary could be on the cover with him. Who does that?

Having trust in each other and knowing that if someone gets injured or can’t go, the next man up will be there and won’t miss a beat. I love my brothers and to have this opportunity once again to play in the Super Bowl and possibly become a two-time Super Bowl Champion, it’s amazing, and I’m definitely blessed to be her right now.

We’ve got one more game, the biggest game of all games, with our brothers on the field. We appreciate the 12’s support this year and my brothers and I are gonna try to bring this ring back to Seattle for you. Go Hawks!