How I Got Here

How I Got Here

Football has molded me into the man I am today, but it hasn’t come easy. I’ve always brought my hard hat to work and have learned that hard work pays off in the end if you keep grinding.

I feel the biggest change in me as a person happened when I was at Portland State. You learn a lot about yourself going from a 17 year old kid living at home to a student-athlete living on campus in a new city. From my redshirt year as a freshman to becoming team captain my senior year, I always tried to lead by example and put in work. That mentality has gotten me where I am today.

I have great memories from my time as PSU. Whether sneaking into the weight room before dawn to get in some extra reps or running track to stay in the best shape possible, my experience at Portland State helped mold me into the man I am today. I had a chance to go back to Portland earlier this year and help coach the spring game with fellow PSU alumni Julius Thomas, TE for the Denver Broncos. Check out the video from my visit:

While I was on campus I had to go back and visit the weight room. I put in a lot of work in that room and was glad to see that I still have the school record for the bench press among defensive backs!

I appreciate all the support from the staff, coaches and professors that helped me along the way. The city of Portland and Portland State will always have a special place in my heart. Go Viks! Go Hawks!